Summer parties in London

London has some of the most fantastic venues and bands to entertain anyone who is planning a summer party. Gone are the days when London was perceived as the rainy capital of Europe, nowadays Londoners enjoy glorious sunshine for many weeks and there are more terrace bars and roof garden venues than ever before. As a result, this has created a demand for live entertainment and many live bands are available for summer party hire.

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Music for summer parties

Imagine enjoying summer drinks at a venue high above the city on a warm summer day and hearing the sound of exotic steel band music performed by some of the very best musicians from the Caribbean, or even a Bossa Nova quartet performing popular melodies like The Girl From Ipanema in the background as you enjoy champagne or Pimms.

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You may even prefer the sound of a vibrant string ensemble or a Jazz Band and there are hundreds of bands and musicians to choose from in London.

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Brass Bands in London

If you have never planned a summer party before and are thinking of hosting it at home, it all starts with having a well prepared outdoor space and a checklist of features for your guests to enjoy.

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Garden parties

Having covered many garden parties and corporate summer parties, I can say that most of our clients start the planning process as early as March, to secure the best venues and suppliers. If you are acting on an impulse and would like to hire our steel drum band then please contact us as soon as possible to check availability. You can also have a look below at all the current tweets from people thinking about summer parties in London.

As a last option, you can also plan a picnic at any of the amazing parks and open spaces in London.

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Summer in London


Entertainment For Kids Party London

When did you last host a garden party for Kids?

One thing which connects all Kids is excitement and if you are looking to hire entertainment for a Kids party in London, you will need to come up with fun ideas to create lots of excitement.

entertainment for Kids party London, music for kids party London, band for children's party London, (Chelsea, Holland Park, Kensington, Knightsbridge)A large bouncy castle is always a fantastic start and if you have the space to include an inflatable slide, then your children’s party will be a huge success. One of the features which we saw at a Kids party last summer was the Gladiator Duel.

Fun ideas for children's party London, entertainment options for children's party Kensington, Chelsea, Knightsbridge, music for children's party,You will need to check the age group to ensure that it is ideal for your children and their friends, but it looked like a lot of fun. Ofcourse, space is always a concern as inflatable features require lots of space and also a power supply. There are venues for hire in London to host your children’s party and you will also find lots of suppliers, especially on Twitter.

One idea which I liked at a kids party was the Photo booth. It was a nice touch which created lots more excitement as many kids squeezed into the booth to make funny faces. I have also seen it used to good effect at 16th and 18th birthday parties, but the best photo idea which is just unbeatable is to hire a couple of professional photographers and roll out a red carpet. This is more for older kids, but everyone likes to feel important and would love to walk the red carpet like a celebrity. However, if your kids are too young and would be happy with some ice cream and a balloon, then at least treat them to some amazing balloons like these.

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In addition to all the features for the children, you may also want some music to entertain the grown ups and to create a carnival atmosphere. Our steel drum band has covered many garden parties and is also hired as entertainment for kids parties.

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They seem to be totally fascinated by the way that sounds are produced from a collection of unmarked drums. They stand close and peer over the edge of the drums to see how it is done. We also allow some participation, but with so many other distractions, their attention soon drifts towards the bouncy features. Having said that, there is always one or two who stay around until they work out how to play a simple riff, which is always a pleasure to see. If you are planning a party for children, you are more than welcome to use our service.