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How to celebrate your 21st birthday?

Travel ideas for a 21st birthday celebration

If you are working or have enough money, then let the creative juices flow and enjoy a big celebration for your 21st birthday. After planning your big birthday party, I would recommend travelling abroad. Adventure and discovery is the theme for this holiday.

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Plan a holiday

As usual, some caution is needed when planning a holiday and it is important to read Trip Advisor and some travel blogs for information. You can also check the foreign office advice for a chosen destination. Holiday should be fun, not a fiasco. Basic things like inoculations are easily overlooked by many people. For this holiday, it is time to leave the reckless-student software behind and load the new grown up Adventurer 1.0. Try to select a destination that most of your friends have never heard of or visited. Somewhere that has interesting things to see and do. One of my favourite sites is The Coolhunter and you will enjoy all the images of exciting places. Be sure to take a good camera and treat yourself to a condensed course on photography by reading a little about the basics of taking good pictures. There are so many things to capture with a camera on holiday and friends will enjoy when you share the images on social platforms like Facebook or Pinterest, etc,.

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Exotic flowers

When you take people pictures, just snap away and discard all the weak ones afterwards instead of staging too many photos. Be sure to capture sunset images and beaches where you had fun.

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New places to explore

Aerial shots are difficult, but impressive if you manage to snap at the right time. When you return home, hopefully you will feel inspired by just looking through all the amazing things that you did on your 21st birthday holiday.

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Grenadines Marine Park

If you cannot afford a holiday or a big celebration for your 21st birthday, then this is not a disaster. There will be many other landmark birthdays to celebrate and use these ideas. The 21st birthday must be celebrated in some way, so plan something on a scale that you can afford. Afford means without borrowing any money. If you are just having some drinks in the garden with your closest friends, you can hire a steel drum band as entertainment to make it a memorable occasion. If you are at the inception stage of planning your birthday celebrations, you are welcome to read our top tips on how to plan your first party and, the related party pages. If you are rich and looking for new ideas to celebrate your 21st birthday, then send an enquiry from the website and we will make some suggestions from our vault of parties that the band has covered.