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Office Party Ideas For Christmas (A quick guide)

What are the best ideas for an office Christmas party?

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The first decision for your office Christmas party is to agree on whether you are going out or staying in. All the office Christmas party ideas will fall into place after making this big decision. Going out means hiring a venue or securing a group booking at a shared event. Staying in means decorating your office and arranging catering, entertainment and games with your colleagues. Having the Christmas party in your office does have the advantage of continuity as you get to enjoy the decor for at least a week or two and there will always be left over food and drinks for a few days.

If you can find the right venue, then going out and getting away from the working environment is exciting. Just watch the smiles on your colleagues face when they hear the news that you’ve booked a venue for the Christmas party!!! It’s great to have fun with the people who you spend a lot of time with and surprisingly, the colourful Caribbean theme is one of the most successful choices for Christmas staff parties.

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Barrio East
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Welcome drinks
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Staff parties with tropicana theme

It is an amazing feeling when you walk into the lobby of a venue and see how the professionals do it, compared to your best efforts in the office. We have covered many Tropicana theme parties and it’s a fantastic surprise when guests arrive and hear a live steel band performing and they are greeted with rum punch, mojitos or colourful cocktails.

Alternatively, if you choose to stay in and celebrate with champagne and Christmas canapes, then be sure to get lots of ice!
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Quite often, they pour the welcome drinks too early and the champagne does not taste nice unless it’s served chilled. Be sure to pick up on this critical point if you are planning the party.

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Office parties

You can then focus on presents, Christmas stockings, the office quiz and any other fun ideas for the party. There are also many entertainers that can be hired to perform in your actual office. If you have done all the decorating and preparations, then why not add some live music? Our steel drum band is available for entertainment; bookings need to be made in good time as many companies choose the same week and the same date for their office Christmas party. The repertoire is enriched with a selection of popular Carols to capture the spirit of the festive season. You can discover how Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer sounds on steel drums or hear a medley of Jingle Bells and Joy To The World. The acoustic format with 3 players does not require much space or any electrics and is a great idea for office party entertainment.

The other advantage of staying in is that you won’t have to worry about parking issues. This is becoming a real concern and can ruin a fun event when you see a ticket on your car or, no car. If you are fortunate to hire a remote country hotel, then this is not a problem, but in the cities and towns some advanced preparations are needed.

Visit our corporate hospitality page for more party ideas and inspiration, or call +44 208 421 2987 if you would like to book our steel band for your party.