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10 Things You Probably Knew About Planning A Party

Here are 10 things that you probably knew about planning a party.

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Party planning ideas

There are many dedicated party sites and articles offering help with party planning and the tips below are probably already on your list, or are they? When did you last host a party?

  1. Find a special party invitation App. There are some amazing Apps available and it just adds more sophistication to receive a well prepared invitation to a party, than a text or email.
  2. The number of guests should not exceed the capacity for the venue. The last thing on your mind is probably health & safety issues or potential fire risks, etc. However, the host does have a duty of care to ensure that the safety of the guests is guaranteed.
  3. Always remember to include the starting time of the party in the invitation and be sure to include a finishing time. At least most people will start leaving by then.
  4. Some of the most successful parties have a simple theme which most people can get excited about, without having to go shopping for an outfit or props. The simplest theme idea is Colourful Clothing. Just ask your guest to wear something colourful.

  1. As the host, you should not be running around multi-tasking when the guests arrive. Get help. There are many companies that offer party services and in my experience, they have become better and better.
  2. Kids should not be invited to an adult’s party. Kids should have their own party with lots of exciting features.

  3. If you are having a summer party, don’t forget to stock up on Ice.

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Chilled drinks for parties

This is easily overlooked and many party hosts have had to apologise for the drinks not being chilled. Not good!

  1. Be sure to insert a line in your invitation about where to park. You will be surprised how many guests get tickets at parties. If the party is in central London, there is almost a zero tolerance attitude by the well motivated wardens and the signs are ambiguous.
  2. For music, if you are creating a playlist, don’t get stuck in a time warp by ignoring all the recent chart topping hits of the last 5 years unless it is part of the theme. There is nothing more annoying for the guests than listening to your 2 favourite bands all evening.

  3. Hire professional entertainers. If you can afford a live ensemble or a function band, this is much better than asking a friend to sing a few songs, unless the friend is a chart topping artist.

I cover many private parties in London where space is tight and the organisers still manage to create a good balance by not inviting too many people. Some parties are crowded to the point where it takes a few minutes to get to the exit.

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Apartments in London

Experienced party hosts and planners know how to create the right balance so that the guests are not knocking over the waiters and spilling your expensive champagne. They also set aside just enough space for a live ensemble to perform. If you are thinking of music for a penthouse party or some live music for a small house party, then have a look for a good duet or trio. I am not a huge fan of the soloist with backing tracks idea; it is much better to watch a competent musician performing on their own or interacting with at least 1 or 2 other musicians. The telepathy and coordination is just amazing. What’s your view on this? Have you ever booked a live band for a party in London, or any other City? Please let me know how it went. Also, if you found this post interest, please share the link with friends.