Entertainment for office parties London

Have you ever wondered what type of entertainment other companies hire for office parties? Well, it really depends on the objectives of the party and the chosen theme for the event.

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Office party decor ideas

The first 2 photos below were at an office party where we created entertainment for over 120 people as they enjoyed drinks and snacks.

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Staff party with steel band music
Office party drinks, entertainment for office party London, (City of London, Canary Wharf, Westminster, Camden, West End, Mayfair)
Office parties

We provide entertainment for office parties in London’s central business districts and specialise in providing live background music for drinks parties.

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Drinks station

Our clients are mainly from the City of London financial services sector including, private banking, hedge funds, insurance, financial consulting and retail.

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Outside the city perimeter, we have many other clients in creative industries, art, fashion, architecture and media, all of which use the service throughout the year to create an inspiring ambiance for their clients and colleagues.

Entertainment for Office party Westminster, entertainment for office parties London, live band for office party London,
Office party at Blackfriars

The music is never too loud, as “background music” literally means music in the background. However, on some occasions, the intention is to provide lively entertainment for stressed out workers to unwind and enjoy. We also have a network of catering partners who provide some of the best food for office parties and they use our service as entertainment for parties in Canary Wharf, City of London, Camden, Westminster and Southwark.

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Party catering

What we like about providing entertainment in central London is getting to see all of the city from so many different perspectives (photos below). But, most of all, we like when we start playing and everyone nowadays pulls out their smartphones to take pictures.

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Tower Bridge
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A sky garden in the City of London

London is going through a complete makeover at the moment and will soon lock down it’s position as the leading financial centre for global markets. However, to maintain this, companies need to look after their primary asset which is the people that provide the services. Office entertainment is used effectively by many of our clients to motivate their teams and celebrate incremental success rather than just the year end results.  If you would like to use our service please send your inquiry to: info@bigsand-steelband.co.uk You can also surprise your team by having the band perform as they arrive for work or at a breakfast conference or networking event. This really gets things off to a great start and who knows, there could be a correlation between live music in the morning and increased alertness at meetings. Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below.