The Benefit of Background Music For Parties

When did you last go to a party which had no music?

You may have heard a situation where classical background music was played in a wine store and this led to customers purchasing the more expensive wines, well, this is just one powerful example of how we relate to background music at a subconscious level. Many shops use music to create an ambiance and this could be anything from loud chart songs pounding your ears as you enter, or more relaxing Bossa Nova melodies, but quite often they just play the music without giving it too much thought. Sometimes you stroll through a shopping centre or even your high street and there is someone busking with backing tracking and in many examples it is more enjoyable than what you hear walking into individual shops. Now imagine if there is no music in the background, the contrast is very different. It’s like, the ones that use background music care about the way you feel and would like to welcome you into the store; the shops with no music, couldn’t care less. Well, it’s the same at networking events, meetings, conferences, weddings and parties. Background music plays an effect role in creating a welcoming ambiance.

background music for party London, background music for drinks party,
Background music at a garden party

Imagine a summer garden party with no background music, or the champagne reception at a wedding with no background music. Imagine your summer barbecue with no background music.

music for summer barbecue, background music for barbecue party, music during a buffet London,
Summer barbecue

Now imagine walking into this wedding reception and hearing your favourite background music performed by a live band or small ensemble.

background music for weddings, London (Chelsea, Kensington, Knightsbridge, Holland Park, Notting Hill,)
Wedding receptions

Our regular clients know what to expect and use our steel drum band for background music at corporate drinks parties, meetings, special year-end celebrations and lots of other branded events.

Background music for drinks party, background music for corporate event, networking party, Christmas party London,
Steel band ensemble as background music

We also cover lots of summer garden parties, just to create an inspiring ambiance with exotic music as guests enjoy summer drinks.

Drinks for a summer party, colour drinks, live music for a drinks party London,
Summer drinks
music for Beach theme party, music for Caribbean or Hawaiian themed party, background music for beach party,
Band for beach themed party

Some live bands don’t quite get the concept of playing background music and quite often they are just too loud for the required purpose. We also went through a learning curve to fully understand the art of performing a selection of quality music to create an inspiring ambiance. Now, background music is a significant part of our core business and we cover corporate events for some of the biggest names in the City of London.

music for terrace party, band for terrace party, live music for roof garden party London,
Terrace party in the City
music for drinks party City of London, (Gibson Hall, The Barbican, Plaisterers Hall, The Gherkin, The Sky Karden,)
Bespoke ensemble for background music

If you would like to use our service, please send an email to and receive a quick response. Key dates are booked early and many of our clients are already thinking of music for their Christmas staff parties. Our service is used to good effect during a lunchtime buffet and more recently, as a breakfast surprise. Just imagine walking into a meeting room for an early morning networking event and hearing a live steel drum band ensemble performing in the background. Only a creative mind would come up with that idea and take the risk; well, that’s exactly what our clients have started to do. It just starts the day with a nice feeling and takes things to another level.

Please enjoy the rest of the SoundCloud library, especially the demo for concert as this demonstrates some of the special talent which characterizes our sound. Please let me know your thoughts by leaving some comments below.