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How to enjoy the warm September weather in London

Can you believe the weather in London today? The forecast is for 24 degrees.

An Indian summer is really a warm spell of weather occurring in October, but there is no precise explanation that I can find for this term and maybe Londoners should come up with an improvement. Perhaps something along the lines of a summer rewind. Please let me know your suggestions. The sun comes out and suddenly you feel inspired to do something or go out and enjoy the warmth. Fortunately, one thing that we have in London is lots of open spaces like Hyde Park, Green Park, Kensington Gardens and Regents Park. In addition, there are lots of squares in central London with green spaces, one of the most famous being Parliament Square, which is just next to Big Ben. However, the best thing to do when the weather gets this warm is to start texting your friends and see who is up for a last minute garden party.

things to do in London, ideas for a visit to London, what to do in London, how to plan my stay in London, Tourist information London,I mean, how hard can it be to arrange a party nowadays when most of your friends are monitoring your timeline on Facebook? Your professional contacts are also tuned into your LinkedIn feed and you may also have a few hundred people following you on Twitter. Some people may be more up to speed and use Instagram or WhatsApp and can bounce a suggestion around and have the whole party arranged in less than an hour. If you wish to take on the challenge, the first thing that you will need is some deputies to help you. If you manage to get all the components together and just need some live entertainment, our steel drum band may be available at short notice and this will create an exotic sound as everyone arrives. If arranging a party on the same day is too big a challenge, then you can settle for drinks at one of the many roof terraces in London.

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The roof terrace at the Queen of Hoxton

The warm weather is set to continue for a few more days where the temperature in London will be above 20 degrees, so you still have some time to plan something exciting. Alternatively you can check out some of the other options.

One thing that you will need when the sun comes out is a decent pair of sunglasses. I like sunglasses and wear either Prada or Emporio Armani when performing, but for social, it has to be the polarized Oakley pair. Which brand do you wear? I also like Oakley T-shirts for casual wear, especially on a warm day, otherwise it’s usually a Paul Smith or Ted Baker shirt and the sunglasses. You can follow my timeline on Twitter/bigsands and leave some comments below to tell me what you like to wear when the weather is this warm.


Parties in London

House Parties in London (Entertaining guests)

An outdoor space is a luxury in a crowded city, but you can still be creative and plan a fantastic house party. This post covers some basic party ideas and top tips for entertaining guests at home.

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House parties

You can use these suggestions for house parties, garden parties or parties in your penthouse flat in London.

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Penthouse parties

It all starts with making your guests list and ensuring that you do not saturate the property until it over spills onto the streets, this will not score many points. It is best to limit the number of guests so that they can enjoy your attention and the full extent of your hospitality.  Most of my clients begin with a champagne reception and serve a selection of quality canapes.

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Luxury canapes

There was a house party which my band covered in Cheyne Walk and as the guests entered, they could enjoy the aroma of freshly baked pastry. The canapes were freshly made and well presented.

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The waiters then served chilled champagne, which was timed to perfection. Many hosts and catering companies get the timing totally wrong as they prepare the arrival drinks too early to cope with the demand at the start of a party. The guests arrive and are served champagne or fruit punch which was poured 30 to 45 minutes earlier.

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Colourful drinks

If you hire an experienced catering company, they will time this to perfection and clear the cartons before your guests arrive.

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If your budget does not extend to having champagne, you could source a quality sparkling wine and ensure that it is served chilled. A good choice would be Reina Maria Cristina 2008.

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Good sparkling wines

Champagne should always be served in flutes, never in plastic glasses. It is also trendy to serve champagne in a wine glass and you can purchase cheaper champagne flutes from Ikea or any suitable supplier. Be sure to add ice to your shopping list as this is easily overlooked. The most successful parties have a manageable guest list and a continuous supply of drinks, quality food and entertainment. If you have enough space for a live ensemble, then this is an excellent treat for your guests. The experienced party bands are very efficient at providing this service and will ensure that the sound is fit for the purpose. Popular choices include jazz bands, string quartets, steel drum bands and mariachi bands.

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Bands for parties

A live act performing a couple of sets or just covering the reception drinks, will score many points and your guests will always remember such features from your party.

Entertainers for house party central London, duet or solo act for house party, ensemble for a private party, London, Surrey, Hertfordshire, Middlesex, Essex,

Most of my clients just want to have live music in the background during the reception drinks, at a volume that they can talk over. After the reception phase, the party then goes into overdrive with pulsating dance music. You could at this point remember to take random pictures on your smartphone or use a dedicated photographer throughout the party. Create a pin board for the images on Pinterest or post onto your Facebook page and, you are welcome to link back to this blog post to help anyone who is planning a house party.

One final thought for house parties in London, is to remember your neighbours and insert an etiquette line with the invitation. This could include anything which you would like guests to adhere to when visiting your home.