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How to Make Friends? (Networking Party ideas)

How to Make Friends? (Networking & Party Ideas)

Quality friendships are priceless. You meet someone for the first time and a bond is formed which connects you to that person. This post looks at some of the simple ideas for making new friends by networking and arranging parties.

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One of the easiest things that you can do is to arrange a garden party and invite just 10 people, but ask each person to bring 2 people that you have never met. You can also request that they each bring a bottle of drink to share or you take the responsibility for all the refreshments.

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Champagne receptions 

Nowadays, you can use social media to set up a unique group and create a barrier to entry so that only those with similar interest can join. This strategy is popular on Facebook and LinkedIn. Some groups are so successful that they have weekly events.

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To make new friends at these events you will need a certain amount of confidence to approach a complete stranger and start talking. The last thing that you want is to be seen standing by yourself. The best way to deal with any confidence issue is to be prepared and speak to the first person that makes eye contact with you. Start by saying hello with a smile and they will respond. From here, it gets more tricky so you need to focus. When you start a conversation, the person will want to know who you are and which company you are from or what you do. Keep it brief and do not hijack the conversation and make it all about yourself. See if you can explain what you do in just 2 short sentences and then allow the other person to do the same.

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Business Networking

If you find yourself attracted to the other person, it will get more challenging. Should this happen, there is no preset response which works in all situations, but you could try taking more interest in what they are saying and exchange business cards. Whatever you do, there is certain etiquette which you should remember; do not get too excited or too loud, don’t forget their name and no personal contact like touching or patting on the back or shoulder. There will be many other attractive people at the event, so keep it brief and move on. As the host, you should arrange some light entertainment to create the perfect ambiance and ideally have a regular supply of canapes. The choice of music or live ensemble is important and should not make conversation too difficult by being loud. A steel drum band was not an obvious choice for networking parties, but we now have excellent relations with event planners who trust our expertise in this area.

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Music for Networking parties 

After the event, you must follow up by thanking all your guests through the social platform and issue a bulletin about the upcoming event. Do not issue a series of bulletins, you need to give the impression that each event is really special. If you become successful at arranging such events, there will be opportunities to monetize the situation. You will also become a magnet and attract new friends and social followers.

Should any of these ideas work for you, we are happy to accept a gratuity and you are welcome to refer to this article in any promo material.

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Garden party ideas (How to plan a garden party?)

When was your last garden party?

Get tips on how to plan a garden party!

An outdoor space is a luxury in a city like London. If you have an outdoor space, it is surprisingly easy to think of good garden party ideas.

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Garden party drinks station

If you live in a less congested area and have a large garden then you can become more creative with your garden party.

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Garden parties in larger gardens
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Garden parties

Many of our clients have regular garden parties and in some cases there are just a handful of guests but 3 or 4 different service providers to cover catering, live music and other entertainment. Whatever the scale of your garden party, try to focus on the key elements.

A good supply of quality canapes will give you a great start.
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Quality canapes
Followed by a selection of red wine, white wine and champagne. The drinks station should be highly visible and always attended.
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Drinks for a garden party – Pimms
You can have music from your iPod playlist, but a live ensemble is so much better.
A steel drum band ensemble with 3 players does not require much space.
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Bespoke steel drum band for small parties
music for a garden party (Kensington, Knightsbridge, Holland Park, Nottinghill area), music for garden party central London, Eaton Square, Grosvenor Square, Belgravia, Mayfair,
Colourful steel band for garden party
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Steel band next to the drinks station

The main feature of any “garden” party is obviously the garden and our clients present the most immaculate flower gardens at the back of their large houses.

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Gardens for garden parties
musicians for a garden party London, service providers for a garden party London, background music for a garden party, (Mayfair, Knightsbridge, Kensington Palace gardens, )
Garden preparations for a party
Ideas for a garden party, music for a small garden party Holland Park, music for garden party West Brompton, Chelsea, Cheyne Walk, The Boltons,
Garden flowers
You can read more about this in our post called Summer drinks on the roof terrace, then contact us early if you intend to book for a summer date. Some of the best parties start with an impulsive idea. Please read our next post on garden parties which includes more images and suggestions for food and drink.