Wedding Planning in London

Weddings in London – 6 Key points to consider during the planning stage.

Having covered hundreds of weddings this post shares some top tips for wedding planning in London. First, it is arguable whether the best venues for a wedding reception are located in central London or on the outskirts. There are a number of issues to consider when planning a wedding and the last thing on your mind is parking issues, but this is a problem in central London for your guests and suppliers. However, if you hire the right venue, then this is not a concern.

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Wedding venues

Above is one of my favourite venues for wedding parties and it is located just on the outskirts of London in a town called Egham. The venue is Great Fosters. There are many venues around London with large spacious grounds and another favourite is at Syon Park which is in West London and there is also Botley’s Mansion (Below) which is located just outside the M25 perimeter in Chertsey.

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Botley’s Mansion

The venue below is called Capel Manor Gardens, in North London.

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Wedding venues

If you decide to hire a venue in central London, then you could insert a line in your invitations to remind guests to be careful where they park. On some streets, just stopping to use a cash machine can incur a fine without the presence of a warden. Fully automated cameras patrol the streets and issue fines. There is no immunity outside the best venues in central London.

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Venues in central London

As a supplier it took us some time to adapt to the zero tolerance in central London and get through a year without receiving any tickets, but for a newbie, it will be a challenge. For now, enough is said on that issue. Once you hire the right venue, you and your guest can relax and enjoy a luxurious wedding party.

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Wedding tables
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Wedding receptions
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On thing which you will appreciate in London is that there are many wedding suppliers and wedding specialist. If you can afford a wedding planner, then this is much better than getting your friends who may have been to a handful of weddings and think they know it all. A professional wedding planner has an eye for details, critical details which make all the difference on the day of the wedding. Right now there are many wedding companies tweeting their services, so have a quick look and take a pick.

On the day of the wedding, it is great to start the celebrations with a champagne reception, but many receptions go on for too long and drain the energy from guest who have been on their feet for over 2 hours. What’s worse is when there is a lack of co-ordination between the waiters and the event planner and the drinks are ready 45 minutes before any guests arrive. Imagine what happens to your expensive champagne on a warm day?

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Reception drinks

Consider this point when arranging your reception and as a guide, up to 1.5 hours is good enough for the length of a reception; in some countries they call it the cocktail hour for a reason. During your wedding reception, avoid spending most of that time away from the guests taking more staged photographs.

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Some photographers just take too many photos and are quite happy to interrupt an enjoyable wedding reception for more photos. Try to arrange a sensible order for the photos to be taken so that you get to enjoy the wedding celebrations and if you would like to use our service for music, email

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Music for wedding receptions

We cover many wedding receptions at all the best venues in London and work with many luxury wedding planners.


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