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Kids or No Kids at a wedding? (Should Children be at Weddings?)

Is it a good idea to have children at a wedding event?

This is a very sensitive subject and the best advice is not to have kids at a wedding event. We have covered many wedding events and kids do not enjoy weddings. The event is too long and boring for most children.

Parents have a different perspective and believe that children are a part of the family and should be included in the celebration. It is an interesting perspective, but try to look at it from the children’s point of view. What do kids like more than anything? They love to have fun. The invited guests who take their young children, do not get to enjoy the full event. For this reason, most of our clients do not permit guests to bring young children or babies to the weddings.

Some weddings have a seperate play area for children with inflatable features, and that seems to work. At other wedding events where there are no special preparations for the kids, they get bored very quickly and start to cause complete chaos. Then, there are those parents that carry pushchairs and buggies which take up lots of space and sometimes end up at the front of your beautiful wedding photos.

If you are planning a wedding and do not want any children to be at the event, it is best to state this on your invitiation. Most parents will respect your wishes and either make arrangements or, decline the invitation. There is no undo at a major event like a wedding, you just have to make some tough decisions.

There are many articles written on wedding etiquette and you will find different opinions on whether kids should be invited to a wedding or not. Please let me know your view, especially if you have recently had a wedding or plan to get married soon. For information on wedding reception music please visit the website.